Linfinity Launched Their Thought Leadership Blockchain Talk Series and More

2018-06-27 15:41:28

SINGAPORE – June 26, 2018 – Linfinity is a blockchain company that is specializing in supply chain which has started their thought leadership blockchain talk series. They have also previously signed MOUs with various companies for practical applications of blockchain technology. The company has also held various discussions with different industry leaders to discuss potential of blockchain in transforming conventional businesses. They have also started their thought leadership blockchain talk series.


Linfinity believes blockchain is much more than just hype over bitcoin and cryptocurrency and that it holds enormous power to transform various industries for better. The company has held multiple thought leadership roundtable discussions with various industry leaders who provided their industry insights and their views on how blockchain can take their industry to new heights. From finance to investments to hospitality to real estate- all major industries were brought on the table for discussions. 


The participants brought up examples of how blockchain could potentially disrupt everyday scenarios: from search engines, to food security, to luxury goods. As per their statements, the milk powder crisis of 2008 could have been easily avoided had blockchain existed back then. Blockchain enables to validate products through its transparent and credible structure which will consequently enable consumers to be more aware of the origins and expiry dates of pharmaceuticals and food products. Fashion goods can be authenticated on the blockchain system as well which will benefit the luxury industry. Even fisheries too will benefit from hosting data on blockchain that will help them to prove their sustainability measures to their customers. 


The participants in the round table discussions further stressed that benefits of blockchain are not just limited to transparency and traceability. According to their statements, blockchain holds great potential to boost efficiency. Industry leaders from banking & finance who participated in the discussion noted that they are looking forward to adopt blockchain technology in their operation processes. It was mentioned that longstanding banks strongly believe that technology can undoubtedly improve efficiency and there’s a massive amount of untapped potential to transform the way banks work. 


Edward Tan, veteran real estate consultant from Seed Global Investment, shared that blockchain is a widely discussed topic in real estate space due to the very nature of the industry. Real estate is an industry where funds are frequently moved and a large amount of transactions happen on a daily basis. It creates an urgent need to implement blockchain technology. 


“We had roundtable discussions with various industry leaders and all of them unanimously agreed about one thing: blockchain has the potential to improve systems everywhere. With that in mind, Linfinity has embarked on the total supply chain wave, to provide businesses with a solution to improve transparency and efficiency. We believe by implementing anti-counterfeit measures and traceability, the blockchain technology can strengthen processes”, stated Anndy Lian, the CEO of Linfinity. 


With blockchain comes the topic of ICOs. Are they legit? Well, a lot of participants agreed that aspiring investors are still skeptical to invest in blockchain in the wake of ICO scams. However, to avoid the increasing skepticism about ICOs, Linfinity has decided to rely on the token model instead to incentivize businesses and consumers. 


Additionally, the participants at the roundtable discussions pointed out that companies are anticipating government challenges and restrictions in implementing the new blockchain technology. But they also assured that the decentralized nature of blockchain allows it to resist government intervention successfully.

Linfinity aspires to educate the mass on blockchain and its benefits for various industries. In a bid to raise awareness and thought leadership, the company is organizing Linfinity Talks, a self-contained global roadshow portal by the company to demonstrate blockchain projects and connect with like-minded businesses to further explore blockchain technology. Hosted by Mr. Lian, the first Linfinity Talk was held in Seoul, Korea, where Linfinity was joined by SoPay – A payment platform similar to Alipay but for digital currency in the crypto space, equipped with innovative financial technology and blockchain technology that empowers app developers to make digital currency payments.


Following the great success of Linfinity Talk in Seoul, Linfinity will be holding the next Linfinity Talk in Japan on July 1, 2018. The company will also participate in the ‘Asia Digital Asset and Blockchain Congress’ that will be held in Tokyo, Japan on the 2nd of July 2018. Mr. Anndy Lian is a Keynote Speaker at the event. He will then be travelling to Taipei to be a panellist at the 2018 Asia Blockchain Summit on 3rd July. 


Over the next 3 months, Linifinity will be hosting its awareness programs across the globe – spanning from Singapore to London to Vietnam to Hong Kong. 


About Mr. Anndy Lian

The CEO of Linfinity, Mr. Anndy Lian is an all-rounded business strategist, backed by over 15 years of professional experience in Asia. He has extended his sought-after advisory services across a broad range of industries for local, international and public listed companies. Before Linfinity, Mr. Lian was involved with not-for-profit and quasi government linked organizations in pivotal roles. He was the Deputy Director of the Singapore Institute of International Affairs (SIIA). A private investor for the last 8 years, Anndy is a great supporter of incubating start-ups and has investments in health-related firms. Presently, as the CEO of Linfinity, Mr. Lian believes blockchain technology will be able to revolutionize & redefine traditional businesses.


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