2019-01-22 15:20:23


Scientific Tradition is a wellness company with a holistic vision for total wellness today. Its mission is to advocate the promotion of vitality, longevity and well -being. They begin with identifying traditional cures and then applying the highest standards of modern scientific research and manufacturing controls to produce truly innovate and fully validated products.

They focus on extracting bioactives from G. tsugae var.jannieae (GTJ) and developing it to patented pharmaceutical drugs. Their research arm has been successful in extracting the beta-glucan from GTJ, which offers promising opportunities in the drug-discovery route. 


The CHANGBAISHAN LINGZHI Capsule is a flagship product of Scientific Tradition, a Singapore local healthcare product company.  

The Lingzhi product has gained two patents in Singapore, including:
1st patent: A new Ganoderma tsugae var jannieae strain and biologically active biomass. 

2nd patent: Novel beta-glucans isolated from Ganoderma tsuage var jannieae with therapeutic effects .


In version 1.0, LINFINITY built a decentralized information management system for Scientific Tradition, which successfully completes the information upload process. First, the system automatically recognizes and divides the product information into three parts: static information (such as product name), dynamic information (such as production date, batch number) and image information (such as product image or video), and stores them in an IPFS database. Meanwhile, all product information is uploaded to the sub-chain of LINFINITY, and a unique QR code is generated for each item stored. Customers can use LINFINITY DApp to scan the QR code on the product for detailed information.


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