Unlock Arrangement for LFT Lockup Program

2018-12-13 10:58:36

The lockup program initiated by LINFINITY Foundation in August has ended on 12th December 2018. The unlock arrangement is now as follows.
LFT Release Time:
13th to 15th December 2018 (released in order of time of the lockup transaction)
Subsidy Standard:
If the average transaction price on 12th December 2018 is lower than 0.0005ETH/LFT, the subsidy mechanism will be triggered. The price of the day will be the average price in AEX exchange platform. 
According to the LFT transaction history on AEX platform on 12th December 2018, the average price was 0.0000677ETH/LFT.
Subsidy Mechanism:
With a subsidy standard of 0.0005ETH/LFT, the subsidy mechanism is triggered, LINFINITY Foundation will use LFT for differential subsidies.
Calculation Formula:
Total amount of LFT (including the difference subsidy) = (amount of LFT participated in lockup program x 0.0005ETH/LFT) / LFT average price on 12th December 2018 (0.0000677ETH/LFT).
The unlocked LFT will be transferred to the wallet address provided by batch from 13th to 15th December 2018.
For any enquiry, please contact us at support@linfinity.io.
LINFINITY Foundation
13th December 2018

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