Announcement | LFT Lockup Program Rules

2018-07-29 11:05:14

1 Lock-up Program 

A. Token Transfer Deadline: From today on till 23:59 Hong Kong Time 10th August 2018

B. Official Lock-up Period: From 12thAugust 2018 to 23:59 Hong Kong Time 12th December 2018

C. Lock-up LFT Unfreeze Time: 13th—15thDecember 2018 (Tokens will be released according to transfer-in time)

2How to Participate?

A. Withdraw LFT from CoinEx into your decentralized ether wallet which supports LFT (Such as ImToken, Myetherwallet, Metamask and so on)

B.  Withdraw LFT from your decentralized ether wallet to the address below:

Lock-up Address: 0xf391FD2D8aD017AA883D17D376783459232756Cf

C. Attention!!! Please DO NOT withdraw LFT directly from CoinEx to the ether address provided above, otherwise you can not redeem your LFT. 

3Lock-up Instruction in Detail

A. For one account, the transfer volume can not be lower than 1000LFT; if you transfer an amount of lower than 1000LFT, your tokens will be returned to your account. The transfer amount should not take decimal numbers such as 1000.1 or 1000.002 LFT etc. If you transfer an amount with decimal numbers, only whole number of LFTs will be counted and the decimal LFTs will not be recorded or returned.

B. The reimbursement should set 0.0005eth/LFT as the standard. If the average trading price on 12th December is lower than 0.0005eth/LFT, each token will be reimbursed with the price difference. The average trading price will take the average price of each hour on 12th December.

C. When the lock-up activity finishes, the tokens unfreezed will be returned to the senders address (if there should be reimbursement, the reimbursement amount will be sent together).

D. The detailed progress of this lock-up activity will be announced on Linfinity official social media.

PS: If LFT is listed on new platforms during this lock-up period, the price difference reimbursement details will be recalculated depending on different prices on different weight of  platforms .

4To Check Lockup Program Progress

You can visit this link to etherscan:

*Linfinity reserves all the right for the final explanation and decision as to this Lock-up Program.

Linfinity Team

July 29th 2018

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