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Senior Blockchain Engineer

Position Responsibility

1.Develop core functionalities of the blockchain infrastructure including consensus protocols such as pbft, pow, pos etc, token mechanics;

2.The bottom architecture based on block chain can realize common chain, side chain and many kinds of logic, which can be used for application layer scheduling;
3.According to business requirements, intelligent contract development, encryption technology, operation mechanism;
4.Writing reusable, testable, and efficient code in Golang, C++, Node or Java;
5.Work based on ethereum, stellar or hyperledger fabric etc;
6.Design interoperability between a public chain and great many children chains with Plasma;
7.Track new technologies in the area of block chain.

Position Requirements

1.Bachelor degree or above, major in computer science, at least 5 years experience in software development,experience with Linux development environment 3 years

2.Strong understanding of computer science and technologies such as Data Structures, Algorithms, Database Principles, NoSQL such as LevelDB etc
3.Familiar with distributed network achitecture and CAP theory
4.Strong programming experience in Go-lang, C++
5.Experience of the architecture, design and implementation of Blockchain system with key focus in the areas such as consensus, distributed ledger, and smart contracts
6.Expertise in asymmetric encryption and decryption, digital signature,digital certificate and zero knowledge proofs, and other advanced cryptographic concepts
7.Understanding of the cryptographic application principles in blockchain technologies
8.Development experience on Bitcoin/ Ethereum/ Ethermint / Fabric/ Stellar / EOS/IPFS or other blockchain systems.




Position Responsibility

1.According to the company's strategic planning, to formulate the development direction of block chain technology, responsible for the overall structure of the block chain business planning and design;

2.Responsible for building block chain based architecture design, reconfiguration, optimization, according to the business requirements of the application architecture;
3.Participate in product requirement analysis, design distributed software system architecture according to product requirements, realize common chain, side chain and other logic for application layer scheduling;
4.Responsible for the block chain protocol, encryption technology, consensus algorithm and the underlying implementation;
5.Responsible for designing the operation mechanism of block chain and developing intelligent contract according to actual requirements and application scenarios;
6.Responsible for the key technical problems of block chain and system optimization, assist to solve the technical problems in the development process of block chain related projects

Position Requirements.

1.Bachelor degree or above, major in computer, solid foundation of computer theory;

2.More than 5 years experience in R & D of product architecture, strong technical learning ability and good programming habits;
3.Excellent distributed system architecture, common block chain system deployment, operational capability;
4.Proficient in Mysql and other open source databases, deployment of distributed database scheme;
5.Proficient in C, Java,go-lang;, linux system;
6.Research on cryptography, security protocols and encryption algorithms;
7.Understand the implementation mechanism and operation principle of decentralization application such as IPFS,DAPP;
8.Master the technical basis of block chain, familiar with ethereum,ethermint,stellar,hyperledger-fabric and IPFS system.



Product Manager

Position Responsibility

1.Responsible for product requirement analysis, processing and collecting the feedback demand information from commercial department, complete product demand investigation and analysis;

2.Write product requirements documentation for design, R & D, testing personnel to develop, assist technical team to understand and grasp the requirements;
3.Responsible for product function planning, to transform user requirements into achievable product functions;
4.The product interaction logic is set up, the effective business interaction and data interaction are established, and the combination of technology and business is realized.
5.Product interaction prototype design, write design documents and interface styles, guide UI designers and front-end engineers in product design;
6.Coordinate R & D project implementation, track project progress, coordinate project issues, ensure project delivery on time and quality;
7.Discover real key pain problems in many complex requirements and propose feasible product solutions;
8.According to the development direction of the company, make the short term iteration plan of the product, including the new function, the optimization function and so on;
9.Follow up the use feedback after product release, combine the industry development trend and company business development request, carry on the product optimization and upgrade.

Position Requirements

1.Bachelor degree or above, majored in computer, 3 years or above experience in Internet product design and project management;

2.Familiar with Internet product requirement analysis, product prototype design, interactive design, and product project process;
3.Has the strong user demand judgment, the guidance ability, can effectively unifies the service and the technical connection landing;
4.Strong execution, teamwork, logical thinking, data analysis;
5.Excellent communication skills, document writing skills, good at abstractness and simplification of complex issues;
6.Familiar with mainstream block chain products, block chain technology is preferred.



Senior Visual Designer

Position Responsibility

1.Responsible for the visual creative direction of the project brand, formulate the style and design proposal, and provide the overall design plan;

2.Responsible for the overall product image design, visual style presentation, improve the overall visual effect;
3.Responsible for company website, exhibition, posters, manuals, H5 pages, publicity charts, advertising materials and other related design work;
4.Responsible for the development of line and offline activities of visual norms and overall style control;
5.Support and assist technical R & D team, operation team with product design requirements, improve and improve the product interface;
6.According to the company brand culture, combined with the user experience, regularly put forward the overall design optimization and revision program.

Position Requirements

1.Bachelor degree or above, major in visual design, art design, at least 3 years experience in related design;

2.With deep art skills, good aesthetic judgment, excellent color feeling, has a more complete personal works;
3.Has the independent graphic design ability, the visual expression ability, the independent creation ability, pays attention to the detail, grasps accurately to the demand overall style and the color collocation;
4.Be able to complete the work arranged by superiors effectively and independently; have good interpersonal communication and expression ability, can express their design ideas accurately;
5.Familiar with UI visual design, including large screen display interface, software system interface, icon and related design, proficient in Photoshop,illustrator,Ai,AE and other design tools.



Community Operation

Position Responsibility

1.Responsible for social media and forums and other user gathering platform / community building, improve the community business plan, to achieve new users and maintenance;

2.Responsible for community ecological communication maintenance and content construction, according to the characteristics of users to complete the design of community structure, rules and play;
3.Responsible for the establishment of a benign relationship between users, improve community activity, promote user interaction, responsible for community content, improve user stickiness;
4.Responsible for the planning and implementation of online community activities, good at mining, planning, creating community hot topics, in the community to increase exposure and visibility, enhance user attention;
5.Timely response to user questions, collect user feedback and timely communication with relevant departments, assist users to solve problems encountered in the use of products;
6.Familiar with the media, blogs, circles and other communities at home and abroad, good at building a community atmosphere and grasp the needs of users of the community at all levels;
7.Collect and analyze user feedback regularly, produce relevant research reports of user community, and community operation data, provide effective advice for product and operation;
8.Research on overseas communities of competitive products and popular products. The research results are used to optimize and improve user communities.

Position Requirements

1.Bachelor degree or above, more than 3 years working experience in community operation, experience in block chain industry is preferred;

2.Have good user operation methods, be good at creating topics and planning community activities, guide users to participate in interaction;
3.Familiar with online customer service and user operation, good at communication with users, actively and effectively solve user problems;
4.Familiar with Weibo, WeChat, APP, from the media public number and other social media operation promotion;
5.Strong writing ability, activity planning ability, execution ability;
6.Have a strong sense of responsibility and good team work spirit, pressure resistance.



Operations Manager

Position Responsibility

1.Responsible for the formulation of operational plans for the company's business development to provide operational strategic layout, business planning;

2.Responsible for market research, product direction, project design strategy, and responsible for core planning and landing;
3.Responsible for formulating long-term operation planning of product version content, planning product main body structure, subject logic rules, and determining the major system functions;
4.Responsible for the control of the product development cycle and quality of each module, and put forward product optimization recommendations;
5.Responsible for research and analysis of the needs of product users, through data and information feedback to formulate business plans, carry out various operational activities;
6.Responsible for the development and promotion of community planning for co-builders, and formulate the corresponding community operation planning and community strategy;
7.Comprehensive statistics and accurate analysis of operation data at home and abroad, analysis of relevant market dynamics, adjustment of operation direction, solution to operational problems;
8.Open up operational channels for project promotion, media operation, cooperation and negotiation, provide corresponding support, and achieve business cooperation;
9.Responsible for operation team management, lead team to complete task targets, build and train team members, improve post competence and reduce wastage rate.

Position Requirements

1.Bachelor degree or above, at least 5 years experience in product planning and operation management;

2.In the field of enterprise strategic planning has a profound theoretical foundation and rich operational experience, proficient in project management, have a data-based operational thinking;
3.Familiar with online user operation, with a strong sensitivity to user needs, attention to detail experience to grasp the user experience accurate;
4.Familiar with all stages of product life cycle operations, with operational and data analysis capabilities;
5.Familiar with global operation of block chain products, overseas operation experience or channel is preferred;
6.Strong logical thinking, data analysis ability and judgment, can be data-driven, goal-driven problem solving;
7.Have a strong sense of responsibility and self-motivation, pressure capacity is very strong;
8.Excellent team communication and execution skills.